Saint Catherine of Alexandria is Honored in Stained Glass

A beautiful stained glass window featuring Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

St. Catherine of Alexandria is depicted in stunning stained glass.

Feast Day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria Celebrated

Born early in the fourth century to pagan royalty and known for the scores who followed her in acceptance of Jesus as the Christ, Saint Catherine of Alexandria is a saint whose feast day is celebrated by Catholics and Orthodox Christians on November 25.  Known as a virgin martyr, beheaded when she refused to abandon Christianity, Saint Catherine is also called Saint Catherine of the Wheel and Saint Catherine the Martyr.

As a young woman, Saint Catherine vowed to remain a virgin for her whole life, choosing to follow Jesus who was the perfect being.  She considered herself the bride of Christ, spurning others, even royal suitors, who sought her hand in marriage.  She successfully debated the most renowned philosophers and scholars of her time, holding fast to her strong Christian faith.

At Stained Glass, Inc., this revered Saint, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, is celebrated in magnificent stained glass art, depicted with a wheel, which symbolizes the spiked breaking wheel destroyed by God when her tormenters attempted to use it to murder her.  During her period of imprisonment, tradition says over 200 were converted to Christianity and martryed, inspired by her example.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria is Memorialized in Stained Glass

Inspiring and breathtaking, stained glass honoring Saint Catherine of Alexandria is the perfect accent for church, chapel or shrine to this beloved princess who chose her Christian faith over a life of ease and privilege.  Lovely colors that blend and sparkle enhance the work of stained glass art, created in classically ornate style.  Arched elegantly in a perfectly symmetrical frame, Saint Catherine is beautiful and flawlessly portrayed, bringing her to life for believers.

As a centerpiece for holy spaces, home or business decor, a stained glass window panel picks up rays of sunlight, firelight or candlelight in shifting patterns which change throughout the day, casting a lovely glow across every area of worship or quiet contemplation.

Quality and Beauty are Blended in Saint Catherine Stained Glass

Masters in the art of stained glass have created perfect tributes to Saint Catherine of Alexandria in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc., using traditional stained glass artistry combined with cutting edge technology.  Mineral pigments ensure unmatched depth and intensity of color and strength exceeds 250 times that of ordinary stained glass.  In addition, panels are custom created to fit and install easily behind existing windows, and can be easily changed, lending perpetual inspiration for feast days, holy occasions and special celebrations.

Experts Offer Answers to Stained Glass Inquiries

Besides an extensive gallery of works of stained glass art, including those that feature Saint Catherine of Alexandria, professionals at Stained Glass, Inc. are available to discuss individual needs, answer questions and advise clients on the perfect solutions for project ideas.  Custom designed for size, shape, and color, you are assured of achieving superior results for your stained glass artwork by contacting Stained Glass, Inc. at: [email protected] or (903) 454-8376

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