Superior Stained Glass in Buffalo, New York

Whether you are looking for a stunning landscape or a religious stained glass design, Stained Glass Inc. has what you are looking for.


Buffalo, New York Stained Glass

Also serving Cheektowaga, Olean, Orchard Park, Wheatfield and Niagara Falls

Stained Glass Inc. in Greenville, Texas is where Buffalo finds its magnificent stained glass art, for homes and churches, historic buildings and universities, theatres, businesses and entertainment centers all over this Queen City of the Great Lakes and its neighbors.  To replace lovely windows in historic churches and cathedrals, for distinctive, breathtaking elements of home décor as part of any number of impressive townhomes along the waterfront of Lake Erie or as part of new home developments in Buffalo’s bedroom communities, stained glass from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. fills the bill in Buffalo.

Buffalo Churches Reflect A Devout Community

Buffalo is called the City of Good Neighbors and neighborhoods are rich in tradition and ethnicity. Last century’s influx of immigrants built Buffalo with hard work and strong values.  Neighborhood churches that are a hundred years old and older reflect the stained glass styles of old Europe.  When updates are needed, Stained Glass, Inc. craftsmen design replicas that perfectly capture the color, tone and beauty of the original windows, with high quality, easily installed, affordable panels. From sunshine to the gleam of new snow, stained glass reflects light that dances along vibrant colored panels in worship areas.

Meeting Buffalo’s Stained Glass Needs

Buffalo/ Niagara is an exciting destination that includes 19th century mansions along Delaware Avenue, where traditional stained glass in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany is perfect, and a booming theatre district that showcases dramatic stained glass designs to enthrall and astonish patrons.  A sports town, Buffalo boasts a downtown NHL hockey arena for the Buffalo Sabres, a baseball stadium and, of course, the Orchard Park home of the Buffalo Bills.  On game days, neighborhood sports taverns serve chicken wings to throngs of fans who love the welcoming glow of stained glass windows, bar accents, lighting, partitions and other elements of comfortably cozy decor.  Boutiques, retail outlets and antique markets in Buffalo are enhanced by attention getting stained glass that kicks up the charm factor as only the artists from Stained Glass, Inc. can.

New home construction is booming in Buffalo, including comfortable family homes in new suburban neighborhoods.  Nothing brings warmth and color to a home space like stained glass, as Buffalo decorators well know.   Remodeling dilemmas are solved with stained glass windows that hide less than lovely views, skylights to bring warmth and light to dark spaces, at entrances, in kitchens and bathrooms to add depth and color.

High Quality, Low Cost and Low Maintenance

Known as a blue collar city, Buffalo natives insist on getting the most for their money, and Stained Glass, Inc. never fails to please.

  • Customized according to client preferences
  • Durable polymer glass, virtually maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly, easily installed, lead free
  • 100% American made
  • Heat fused mineral pigments ensure vibrant color

Your Buffalo Stained Glass Project

Start your journey for Buffalo Stained Glass in Texas, with a browse through Stained Glass, Inc.’s online gallery.  Then contact our experts for advice, guidance and answers to your questions.  Stained Glass, Inc. professionals are standing by with support for your Buffalo stained glass project, from start to glorious finish.

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