Arizona Stained Glass

Arizona Stained Glass Projects

Stained glass artwork completed for Calderon Law Offices in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Area Stained Glass

Arizona stained glass artists don’t have to look far to find inspiration. The state has sunsets that scatter brilliant color across the desert and is home to the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

If you want custom stained glass sunset windows for your home or a work of Catholic stained glass paying tribute to the creator of all the marvels found in Arizona, Stained Glass Inc. can help. We offer:

  • Stained glass with vibrant colors and exquisite patterns
  • Back lighting so you can enjoy your Arizona stained glass any time
  • Customization options–add text to any selection
  • Competitive prices–save up to 80% compared to retail

Arizona Stained Glass Project Types

The images in our stained glass gallery have served as the inspiration and starting points for many of our exceptional finished products since Stromberg Architectural Products opened for business in 1982. Just a few types of stained glass projects we’ve successfully completed include:

  • Christian stained glass windows
  • Stained glass church furnishings
  • Custom stained glass
  • Residential stained glass
  • Stained glass church lamps
  • Tiffany stained glass

Featured Arizona Stained Glass Projects

The Arizona area stained glass project described below is an indication of just how important the Christian faith is to the residents of the Grand Canyon State.

Phoenix Stained Glass: Calderon Law Offices, Phoenix, AZ
Summary: For this valued client we supplied an internally-lit stained glass window. The image is one most Christians are familiar with: Jesus–the Good Shepherd–holding His staff and a member of His flock. This work of religious stained glass can be illuminated day or night with the flick of a switch.

Stained Glass for Arizona

Jesus is the central figure of Christianity, so it’s not surprising that those searching for church stained glass windows often choose works honoring His life. In addition to religious stained glass depicting Jesus as the Good Shepherd (as shown above), other choices include:

Stained Glass Inc. Supplies Stained Glass to All Arizona Areas:

Phoenix, AZ stained glass, Tucson, Arizona stained glass, Mesa stained glass, Glendale stained glass, Scottsdale, AZ stained glass, Chandler stained glass, Tempe stained glass, Gilbert stained glass, Peoria, AZ stained glass, Yuma stained glass, and more.

For More Information on Stained Glass

The Stained Glass Inc. website will tell you more about our lead-free and shatter-resistant stained glass. If you’re considering adding the beauty of faceted glass to a religious sanctuary or another space, our devoted team of stained glass artists can help. To purchase one of our church stained glass windows for sale or set up a free initial consultation to discuss a custom design, contact us at (903)-454-8376 or fill out the form on our contact page.

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