Residential Stained Glass

Stained Glass for any Residence

Tiffany Window by Stained Glass Inc.

Though frequently affiliated with churches, stained glass can be applied to great aesthetic effect in homes and businesses alike. The elegant geometry of rose windows can go a long way to adding color and a refined tone to any room, while floral and Tiffany-style stained glass evoke the warmth of Spring and Summer. Stained Glass Inc. provides an array of beautiful, residential glass windows for the home.

Easy to Install Residential Stained Glass

Historically, stained glass has been extremely difficult to acquire, install and maintain. Additionally, stained glass was necessarily built from incredibly heavy materials, such as thick, colored glass and lead. Thanks to Stained Glass Inc., that is no longer the case. Our stained glass windows are made from super light-weight materials that require very little architectural support. The result is a modern classic with all the warmth of traditional stained glass, but weighing and costing significantly less than old fashioned stained glass.

Residential Stained Glass Windows Can be Backlit

One of the other challenges to overcome with old fashioned stained glass is finding an ideal location for them to capture the sun’s rays. This can be very challenging in some residences since some windows don’t get very much natural light. Fortunately, stained glass windows by Stained Glass Inc. can be backlit with unobtrusive LED lights. Thanks to this novel bit of engineering, your stained glass windows can be installed anywhere and shine with their full glory at any time of day or night.

A Plethora of Secular Stained Glass Designs

With Stained Glass Inc., you can choose from a wide selection of secular stained glass windows including:

  • Rose windows
  • Floral windows
  • Tiffany-style windows
  • Music-themed windows
  • Pastoral-themed windows
  • Celtic-style windows

Contact Stained Glass Inc. Today

If you have any questions about our secular stained glass windows for the home, contact us today for more information. We have thousands of different designs to choose from, and our in-house artisans are always available for custom orders, so contact Stained Glass Inc. today.

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