Saint Monica’s Feast Day Celebrated with Stained Glass

St. Monica in stained glass.

Saint Monica is portrayed with her son, Saint Augustine, in stained glass.

Beautiful Stained Glass Representing Saint Monica

The patron saint of difficult marriages, victims of adultery and disappointing children, Saint Monica endured each of these situations during her life. Born in Northern Africa, she was married off by her family to a pagan man named Patricius, even though she was a Christian. Patricius was an adulterer, was verbally abusive and had a terrible temper, although it is noted that he respected his wife during their life together. Monica was also forced to deal with a very difficult mother in law who was bitter and caustic with her son’s wife, even though she lived in Monica’s home. In addition, one of Monica’s three children, Augustine, chose a life of sin and carnal activities over Christianity, a heartbreaking development for his devoutly Christian mother.

With God’s help, Monica chose to remain faithful to her beliefs, to pray for her husband, mother in law and son, and to let her actions reflect her love for God and the people she hoped to influence. Consequently, Patricius, his mother, and Monica’s wayward son, Augustine, were eventually baptized as Christians. Augustine became Saint Augustine, and wrote about his mother’s dedicated life in his book, titled Confessions. Monica’s feast day is celebrated on August 27 in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Missouri Synod Churches and the Church of England, and she is also revered in the Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical Lutheran and Episcopal Churches in America.

Breathtaking Stained Glass Honoring Saint Monica

Saint Monica has been portrayed in art in varied styles and mediums over the centuries, none more beautiful than the stained glass designs from the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. of Greenville, Texas. Depicted with her son, Saint Augustine, one two paneled window design honors her with vibrant hues of blue and scarlet, set against an ornate and impressive backdrop of color and light and framed by a symmetrical white scrolled pattern. The design is crowned by glowing stars. Casting its own lovely glow into every corner of church, chapel, cathedral or shrine to Saint Monica, this piece reflects and refracts rays of light in shifting shades throughout the day as they play along the surface.

Well Made, High Quality, Superior Stained Glass

Artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. are dedicated to honoring the subjects of their creations with unparalleled beauty and flawless imagery and color. Created from impact resistant polymer glass, stained glass windows featuring Saint Monica are virtually unbreakable and are customized for size, shape and color according to client preference.  Panels from Stained Glass, Inc. are simple to install over existing windows, making the final stages of your project a snap.

Get the Answers You Need About Saint Monica Stained Glass

If you need more information about Saint Monica stained glass, or designs that celebrate any saint, holy figure or special occasion, you’re invited to browse our extensive collection of superior stained glass at:  Our professionals are standing by to consult with you concerning your project, and lend their expertise and support from start to finish.

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