Improve the Worship Experience with Stained Glass

Moses in stained glass.

Stained glass representation of Moses and the burning bush.

Stained Glass Lights Up The Worship Experience

It’s easy to think of church stained glass as simply a colorful part of traditional religious decor. Stories of the Bible, depictions of saints and angels, parables, proverbs and psalms are reflected across sanctuaries, synagogues and prayer chapels in shades of color and light. Such a longstanding religious element might be taken for granted, viewed as an accepted part of church or chapel décor, like pews or altar rails. In synagogues, glass art is often geometric and fascinating, contrasting vivid color blocks of varied sizes and shapes, depicting appropriate images such as the star of David or the scrolls of Moses. What do these works of stained glass art actually add to worship spaces? Quite a lot, as it happens.

Stained Glass Sets the Stage

The stained glass in the early churches was labeled the “poor man’s Bible,” providing largely illiterate believers the opportunity to study the stories and teachings of their faith in the beautiful design. In modern churches, those who gather to worship delight in the peaceful surroundings as they contemplate the tenants of belief. Prayer and worship is enhanced by the placement of beautiful stained glass windows, casting a glow from heaven itself into every corner and harnessing color in every hue. The holy characters and teachings of the Bible come to life for followers, illustrating the very essence of Christianity or Judaism in elegant, dignified fashion. Worshippers are inspired by the depictions of the age old principles of faith, especially those that capture the eye and touch the heart. Well-made stained glass windows are truly works of religious art, resplendent and welcoming for those in prayer. Creating an atmosphere of splendor and serenity, windows of stained glass attract attention and uplift religious devotees, introducing the heroes of their faith to them in a very real way.

Superior Craftsmanship and a Holy Message

Creating stained glass that blesses worshippers with beauty and a holy message is a task that requires the talent of gifted artists, who are committed to creating the finest windows, hangings and glass art to enhance houses of worship. Such are the experts at Stained Glass, Inc. Meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional technique ensures that stained glass windows are not only splendid and breathtaking, but also durable for years of lasting beauty. Fine stained glass from Stained Glass, Inc. is designed for easy installation over existing windows and can be changed to commemorate special holidays or events.  Superior Stained Glass, Inc. designs are created with polymer glass for maximum strength, are impact resistant and virtually unbreakable. Hundreds of times stronger than ordinary stained glass, the glass art crafted in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc. is inspirational and uplifting, as well as practical and versatile, creating a prayerful atmosphere of peace and joy in every space.

Looking For Your Stained Glass Art?

Does the idea of stained glass to inspire and enhance worship experiences at your church or synagogue appeal to you?  Begin your journey to find stained glass windows, partitions, or altar insets by browsing the extensive gallery at experts at Stained Glass, Inc. are standing by to answer your questions, meet your needs and guide your stained glass project from beginning to end.

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