St. Nicholas of Tolentino

St. Nicholas of Tolentino was named after St. Nicholas of Myra. His middle-aged parents were so thankful that their prayers to St. Nicholas for a child had been answered, that they named their son Nicholas. He was born in 1245 in Italy. At the age of sixteen Nicholas became an Augustinian Friar, and was ordained at the age of twenty-five. He moved to Tolentino where he became known for his preaching and teaching. He was kind and generous, feeding the poor and praying for the sick. St. Nicholas worked as a peacemaker in the city and worked wonders and healings. He had visions, especially of purgatory and would pray for the souls there. He died in 1305 after a long illness. His feast day is September 10th and he is the patron saint of animals, babies, boatmen and dying people. St. Nicholas of Tolentino is often depicted in stained glass art as an Augustinian holding a bird on a plate in his right hand, with a crucifix in his left hand. He is also seen holding a basket of bread, giving bread to a sick person, or holding a lily with a star above him or on his chest. Should you wish to order a stained glass window or door panel of St. Nicholas, we will be glad to assist you. Please contact us for more information.

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