St. Sofia

St. Sofia was born in Italy in the second century AD. She had three daughters named Faith, Hope and Love. All three daughters were cruelly martyred during the reign of Hadrian, each one being beaten, tortured and beheaded. Sofia buried her daughters’ bodies and then remained at their graves until she died three days later. In sacred artworks, St. Sophia is pictured as a woman accompanied by three small daughters, holding crosses. The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, is named after the Church of St. Sofia, and her birth date of September 17th is celebrated as a city holiday. The patron name of the Sofia church is “The Holy Wisdom of God” and there is a twenty meter high statue of St. Sofia in the Bulgarian capital city. If you would like a stained glass window of St. Sofia and her three lovely daughters, please contact us and we will show you what we can design to suit your particular needs.

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