13 Beautiful Stained Glass Designs for Bird Lovers

There’s something about birds which has always attracted the admiration and imagination of ‘grounded’ human beings. Artwork abounds with inspiring and uplifting representations of our feathered friends. One of the most beautiful and artistic ways to enjoy birds is with stained glass. So if you are a bird lover and would like to include a special stained glass feature in your home or office, here are some excellent samples to help you get off the ground.

Each window is made from laminated polymer which is not only extremely strong (almost unbreakable) but is also lightweight and easy to install. The window inserts can be slipped in behind existing exterior windows, and can be customized to any shape or size. Besides being used as windows, these stained glass pieces could also look great as door panels and transoms, or even sun catchers, ceiling panels, wall hangings or lamp shades.

At Stained Glass Inc we have more than 2000 exquisite designs to choose from, so these 13 beautiful pieces for bird lovers will give you a foretaste of what is available.


  1. Fountain and Birdbath


This contemporary piece gives a sense of lightness and movement, with the water gushing out of the fountain and the birds fluttering on and above the birdbath. Lovely flowers, green hills and blue sky simply complete this tranquil scene which would enhance any setting.


  1. Dove and a Crown


This bright and colourful rendition features a pure white dove in the center with a crown above it and pretty pink flowers on a twirled vine. The vertical pillars on either side provide a stabilizing frame making this an altogether pleasing piece. As a standalone or together with the next sample, this stained glass beauty would look great anywhere in your home or office.


  1. Dove and Flowers


This white dove is the classic symbol of peace and purity. Here it is seen surrounded by pretty pink flowers and leaves on a clear blue background. As part of a set with the previous sample, this masterpiece would look exquisite as a window insert or a wall hanging in your home. All our stained glass is completely safe and 100% lead free.



  1. Cupid and Doves


This delightful painting by Frederick Leighton makes for an attractive conversation piece when skilfully portrayed in stained glass like this. The mythical character Cupid is shown here with a white dove fluttering on his shoulder and some more doves at his knee. The marbled gold frame adds the finishing touch to this interesting artwork.



  1. At Tampa by Winslow Homer


This watercolour masterpiece by Winslow Homer has been masterfully transformed into stained glass using an impact resistant polymer glass. It would be ideal as a window insert or a wall hanging anywhere in your home or office. The two graceful heron-like birds are seen standing near a small waterhole, facing each other beneath the trees.



  1. Flying Duck



With wings spread wide, this flying duck is heading for the water where some bulrushes are growing. The glowing orange sun behind the duck together with the other mosaic-style features would be beautifully illuminated with rays of sunshine throughout the day. As a window insert or door panel this stained glass beauty is completely customizable and is sure to add allure to your living space.


  1. Parrots and Blossoms



The vibrant green background of this Tiffany piece is strikingly contrasted with the pure white magnolia blossoms and the bright blue and green feathers of the two parrots. This lovely stained glass art work for bird lovers is sure to add a delightful touch to your home, whether you use it as a window insert, door panel, transom or sun catcher.


  1. Parrots in Flowering Tree



The hanging bowl of water is the focus of this bunch of parrots as they hover on and around the bowl. Delicate blossoms complete the composition of this intriguing work of art which would certainly attract attention wherever you choose to place it. Remember, at Stained Glass Inc we can customize any design to meet your needs.


  1. Stately Hawk


If you are looking for something special to bring that touch of dignity to your entrance hall or the reception area of your company, this stately hawk might be just the thing. The warm rich colors will complement a rustic decor and bring the beauty of nature into your space. Try this as a window insert or wall hanging in the size and shape of your choice.


  1. The Daughters of Thespius


This vintage painting done by Gustave Moreau in the 1850’s has been artistically reproduced showing an excerpt of the three swans in the foreground. The broad border is vividly colourful, giving an upbeat finish to the subdued tones of the centrepiece. Give your office, home or library a touch of style with this classic piece. For more samples of Gustave Moreau’s works have a look in our gallery at Stained Glass Inc.



  1. A Girl Feeding Peacocks



This is another masterpiece from the English painter and sculptor Sir Frederic Leighton. You might like to order this piece alone or as a set together with similar works of art. Either way, your living or working space will be enhanced as the rays of sunshine stream through the shimmering mineral pigments which are heat fused to form our long lasting polymer glass.


  1. A Pheasant in Hand



They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and with this ‘Pheasant in hand’ you can go a long way. This lovely painting from Daniel Ridgway Knight has been given a new lease on life as a stained glass work of art which may be customized as a window insert, door panel or wall hanging.


  1. Osprey’s Nest




Here is another avian artwork from the 19th century American landscape painter and printmaker, Winslow Homer. The Ospreys circling around their nest, watched by the two men, with storm clouds in the background give a thrilling sense of adventure. This stained glass beauty could add that touch you are looking for in your study or living room.

If you have been inspired by these beautiful bird stained glass designs, why not give us a call or send an email to order the artwork of your choice. At Stained Glass Inc we have a vast range of over 2000 designs to suit almost every taste. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, we specialize in customized products. Our skilled artisans will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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