Christian Stained Glass with Text

Christian Stained Glass Windows with Text

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. While it’s true that a single image can speak volumes, sometimes there is no substitute for the written word. This is certainly true of religious stained glass images. Stained glass church windows showing Jesus performing miracles or preaching to His followers, for example, are undeniably powerful. However, a few words spoken by the Savior Himself can be just as poignant and inspirational. If you are looking for stained glass designs that incorporate the written word, keep in mind that text can be the focal point of the work or a subtle addition to an already extraordinary image.

Scripture is written in the shape of a cross.

A cross formed with the words from John 3:16

Ideas For Stained Glass Windows With Text

Even if you’ve already made the decision to include stained glass with text as part of a church’s interior design, choosing the right piece can still be a challenge. Following are some general ideas that might provide some inspiration:

  • Bible Verses: A particularly powerful verse from the Bible can serve as the focus of a stained glass work. If you wish to add visual appeal and incorporate symbolism into a text-based piece, consider arranging words from the gospels or another section of the Bible in the shape of a stained glass cross.
  • A Single Sentence or Statement: Sometimes the essence of a Bible passage can be expressed in just a few words. For instance, the statement “fear not for I am with you” is every bit as comforting (perhaps even more so) than the much longer passage in the Book of Isaiah it is taken from. Using fewer words also gives you more freedom in terms of the stained glass designs that can be made part of the work.
  • Add the Names of Donors or Memorialize Lost Congregation Members: Giving parishioners recognition for their contributions or allowing them to purchase a lasting tribute for a loved one are both excellent ways to raise the funds needed to purchase Christian stained glass windows.

Christian stained glass windows with text obviously present clear messages by making use of the written word. It’s their mysterious light and complex illuminated colors, though, that can promote contemplation and allow the stained glass art to serve as a representation of divine perfection here on Earth.

Stained glass image of scripture and an ichthus.

An ichthus is highlighted in this this scripture bearing stained glass window.

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