The Madonna in Church Stained Glass

Stained Glass Images of the Madonna

The word “Madonna,” which means “my lady,” can be traced back to Medieval Italian society. At first it was used to describe any woman of nobility or importance, but it is now inextricably connected to the virgin mother of Jesus. The term Madonna is often understood to be interchangeable with Mary’s numerous other titles, such as the Blessed Virgin. It has a specific meaning, however, when used to describe Christian stained glass windows and other religious art works. Art glass windows can be accurately categorized as “Madonnas” if they mainly focus on Mary. The infant Jesus can be seen in many of these stained glass panels, but it is His mother that is clearly the centerpiece of the work. The Madonna is a wonderful theme for Catholic stained glass since she is a figure highly revered in the faith–the prayers said during the Rosary are directed towards the Holy Mother of Jesus.

This stained glass image depicts Mary looking upon her new born son.

Mary looks upon baby Jesus in stained glass

The Story of the Madonna

The Virgin Mary is not described as the Madonna in the Bible–the title was granted to the Holy Mother during the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, art works featuring Mary as the main subject existed even during ancient times. Perhaps the oldest of these works is the painting found in the Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome. Jesus is shown suckling from His mother’s breast while He looks outward, seemingly towards those viewing the painting. More works honoring the Madonna were created by gifted artists of the expansive Byzantine Empire. Italian painters were soon exposed to and inspired by these works, and their popularity and importance gradually spread beyond the confines of Rome between the sixth and twelfth centuries.

It was during the Renaissance that painters such as da Vinci and Michelangelo created works honoring the Madonna. These paintings are still beloved today, and have likely served as a source of inspiration for the many stained glass artists who have created windows for the soul honoring the Virgin Mary. Regardless of the style of Madonna church stained glass or paintings, their main purpose is to capture the timeless, sacred, and wondrous bond between mother and child.

Mary holds the baby Jesus in this stunning stained glass artwork.

The beautiful Madonna and Child

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