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This stained glass image depicts Mary looking upon her new born son.

The Madonna in Church Stained Glass

Stained Glass Images of the Madonna The word “Madonna,” which means “my lady,” can be traced back to Medieval Italian society. At first it was used to describe any woman of nobility or importance, but it is now inextricably connected to the virgin mother of Jesus. The term Madonna is often understood to be interchangeable […]

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The annunciation of the Lord is pictured in shining stained glass.

Popular Stained Glass Designs: The Annunciation

The Annunciation of the Lord in Stained Glass Before Christ the Savior was born to the Virgin Mary, the Archangel Gabriel delivered the joyous news to her from God. Despite being afraid, Mary accepts the will of the Lord. Creators of ecclesiastic stained glass windows throughout the ages have depicted this miraculous scene in various […]

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