Shepherds Stained Glass Panels

Beautiful Stained Glass featuring Shepherds

Pictorial stained glass windows portraying the shepherds who came to visit Jesus on the night of His birth can also be categorized as Nativity stained glass. Some of these art glass windows show the shepherds receiving the news of Christ’s birth while they are outside working in their fields. In other pieces of stained glass art, they are depicted admiring the baby Jesus in the stable where the Virgin Mary gave birth. These works show that it wasn’t just the presumably wealthy Magi who came to celebrate the birth of the Savior, but also humble shepherds.

Stained glass image with shepherds and an angel.

An angel tells shepherds about the birth of Christ in this stained glass window panel.

The Story of The Shepherds

The story of the shepherds can be divided into the annunciation and the adoration. Both are described in the Gospel of Luke (2 : 8-20). At the time of the birth of Jesus, shepherds who lived nearby were out in their fields watching over their sheep. When an angel appeared, the men were terrified. The words of the angel, however, quickly comforted them and brought them great joy. The angel said: “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” The angel also told the shepherds that they would find the Christ child in a manger.

Overwhelmed by the news, the shepherds decided to go to Bethlehem so they could confirm the existence of the Savior for themselves. When they found Him they knew the angel of the Lord had spoken the truth. After their adoration of the infant, they departed and shared the angel’s news and what they had seen with everyone they encountered. The Bible tells us that the shepherds gave glory and praise to God after their encounter with both a messenger of the Lord and the Christ child. Naturally, those who heard the shepherds’ story were amazed by the news.

The shepherds who learned of Christ’s birth from an angel and visited Him in Bethlehem are the subject of many Christian stained glass windows, and are also mentioned in timeless Christmas carols and Nativity stories that are sung and spoken during the holy Christmas season.

Shepherds and an angel in stained glass.

This Tiffany style image features shepherds with an angel.

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