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Christ being entombed after His death on the cross

Kansas Stained Glass

Kansas Area Stained Glass In the Midwestern state of Kansas, stained glass art is used to show school pride, illustrate religious teachings, represent the mysterious nature of the divine through the use of light and color, and welcome guests to historic world-class hotels. The heirloom quality works crafted by Stained Glass Inc. can be used […]

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Ecclesiastical stained glass window of Christ in the Sea of Galilee

Iowa Stained Glass

Iowa Stained Glass Projects Iowa Area Stained Glass Part of the American Heartland, Iowa is a state with a diverse economy and culture. Works of Iowa stained glass art are also incredibly varied. There are pieces with floral themes and stained glass art with pastoral scenes that reflect the importance of agriculture to Iowa’s economy. […]

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Jesus stained glass window insert for the St. Magdalene Catholic Church in Osgood, Indiana

Indiana Stained Glass

Indiana Stained Glass Projects Indiana Area Stained Glass Like other states, it’s the churches in Indiana that house some of its most extraordinary examples of faceted glass. Stained Glass Inc. crafts stained glass art that is superior in many ways to traditional leaded glass windows, but boasts the warm glow and complex color patterns of […]

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Stained glass insert for the Legamaro residence in Chicago, IL

Illinois Stained Glass

Illinois Stained Glass Projects Illinois Area Stained Glass Illinois is unique among all the U.S. states in that it is home to the only museum in the country devoted to showcasing fine stained glass windows. Called the Smith Museum of Stained Glass, this repository has the largest public collection of Tiffany stained glass in the […]

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Jesus stained glass for the St. Joseph Parish in South Lyon, Michigan

Michigan Stained Glass

Michigan Stained Glass Projects Michigan Area Stained Glass Michigan is a state that truly recognizes and appreciates the splendor and beauty of stained glass–so much so that the Michigan State University Museum sponsors a “stained glass census.” More than 1,000 pieces have been cataloged to date, and that number is always growing. Many are ecclesiastical […]

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